Interview #4 Carmen Falcone- Romance Author

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Introducing Carmen Falcone a published  Romance Author that has produced 18 books.

Carmen is full of life and romance!!!  She is married to a Swiss pilot and has two beautiful children that keep her on her toes.

This spicy Brazilian steams up the pages of the books she writes.   These smoking hot stories leave nothing to the imagination.

Carmen Bio:

I learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters and places beat doing math homework any day. In high school, I began sharing my tales with my classmates, who started asking me for more. I’d always dreamed of becoming a published writer, although life and its surprises often got in the way.

Traveling, learning languages, and discovering new cultures have always been passions of mine. I’ve been blessed to visit beautiful places in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and I met amazing people along the way.

I achieved a B.A. in Tourism in my hometown in Brazil and was soon invited to work in the USA, which is where I met my sexy, broody Swiss husband. A Brazilian and a Swiss met and fell in love in Texas. No wonder I’m a romance novelist!

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, taking our three high-energy pugs to the park, and skydiving—well, not really, but I wanted to sound cool.

Question #1

Tiff- How Long have you been writing?

Carmen-   A Brazilian that has traveled the country has landed her sweet home in Austin Texas.  She started writing at the early age of 12 years old in her room on Sundays.  Carmen says I used a typesetter to write back then.  In 2008 she began professionally writing but was published for the first in 2011.  In 2013 this creative outlet became a full-time job and she received her first contact from   Carmen career began and she has been producing romance novels ever since.

Question #2

Tiff-  What is the source of inspiration?

Carmen-  Carmen states she finds inspiration everywhere!  She finds it from her friends, family, movies, other books.

In other books, she looks at how she can make her book completely different.

She says that inspiration has never been a problem it is trying to have the time to execute all her ideas on to paper.  Having an open mind is key.

Question #3

Tiff- What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

Carmen-  It makes you feel very vulnerable putting your work out there to be criticized.  She says writers are very insecure people by nature.  Opening yourself to feedback can be very challenging at times.   Carmen also started a second business helping others on there work at  She states a book is “never good enough” and to keep editing and editing to perfection.   It is important to keep yourself relevant and never shut your mind off to new ideas.

She also says that when a mother at her children’s school read her books.  She makes them blush and they sometimes say “well that interesting.”  This racy content keeps housewives on their toes.

Question #4

Tiff- What is your best advice for new authors?

Carmen-  Keep writing no matter what.  The industry is extremely competitive after self-publishing writers came along.

To be humble and listen to the edits done on your work.  To use an editor to shape your work into masterpieces.   Again she states never think your book is good enough.

Questions #5

Tiff-  Who inspired you to write?

Carmen-  At the early at of 6 Carmen had lost her wonderful father who was a congressman in Brazil at the time.    Camen dealt with some of the sadness by writing.  She used writing as an outlet for expression.  Tragically her brother was killed by a drunk driver Rodrigo Falcone.   Her Brother had also inspired her to write.  He wrote poems and was a gentle soul.  After he was killed she had writer’s block for a long time.  Carmen went to therapy and began to heal.  She said that writing is the best therapy.  Carmen began writing on Sundays just as she did as a child.  Another person by the name of William Pinmeiro a high school teacher told Camen’s mom she was a brilliant writer.

That compliment propelled her to become a writer and take it seriously.