Interview #1 – Case Erickson of Trucklandia

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Case Erickson of Trucklandia Interview 

Created from the heart of Case Erickson, Trucklandia began five years ago as Truck by Truckwest, which was Austin’s original $10,000 food truck taste-off.
The mobile-food festival not only provides a chance for food truck owners to win $10,000, but by giving 10% of its revenue back to support local non-profit Keep Austin Fed, it is also an example of a socially responsible business model.
Case is a former restaurateur, commercial realtor, and business coach, and he marries his passion for food, authenticity, and community by producing events that make a difference.
A self-proclaimed, “foodpreneur,” he is a father of two young children, and he believes that passion, play, and purpose are the key ingredients of a delicious life.

Business 5 Star….. is excited to have an interview with the Owner and Founder of! TRUCKLANDIA IS AN EVENT THAT IS HAPPENING TOMORROW!!! Please get your tickets and join us!!!
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5 Questions on Fridays!!! Here is our tips and tricks on successful businesses in Austin Texas!

Here is what Case Erickson had to say in my interview!

Question #1 Tiffany How did you come up with the name TRUCKLANDIA?
Case Erickson: It was Originally Truck by Truck West a play on South By South West. However Austins famous South By Southwest music festival preferred a different name so Trucklandia was born.

Question  #2. Tiffany  How did you know this would be a great idea?
Case Erickson: Had a coffee with Tiffany Harlick a very successful business woman who had experience in Food Trucks. Case came up with the idea to start a contest between 12 food trucks offering 10,000 dollar prize for the best one!!! The idea was born!!

Question #3  Tiffany Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Case Erickson the UBER of Food Trucks and owning my own reality TV series on food trucks!!!

Question 4. What was yourBiggest Mistake?
Case Erickson: not getting funded prior to building company.
But faith is what kept me from not giving up. It was stressful. I went from $2000- 32,000 over nite thanks to 6 press releases and my strong faith in GOD. Case was raised by a strong and loving mother that believed in her son. She told him the story of the mustard seed. Guns blazing Case Erickson did not give up and made his company a success!!

Question  Tiffany 5. What are 3 things that make a successful business owner?
 Case Erickson:

1. Purpose- What is your purpose? Your faith and what you believe in.
2. Passion-Using your unique talents in a marriage of self-expression.
3. Play- Must Have Fun doing what you are doing!!

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The Huge event takes place OCT 21 2017!!!
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