Business of Love – Meet and Learn from Crista Beck – Dating Coach

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Today’s 5 Star Business Owner is Crista Beck Owner of 
Crista is a super dynamic person with a smile that can light up a room! Crista is a dating coach and specializes in love. Crista Started her company in 2009 and had been playing cupid ever since.
Here are the 5 Business Question I asked this savvy businesswoman.
Question #1
Tiffany: What was the key item you learned at the University of Texas that you use for your business?
Crista: That communication played a major role in men and women and most of that is non-verbal.  Christa states that it is so important to be open and to smile and make eye contact.  These two actions will let the outside world know you are available and open to the possibility of love. 
Question #2
Tiffany: What is the definition of love to you in your words?
Crista: Love means being fully present.  Giving the gift of being emotionally available to your partner.
Question #3
Tiffany: What is your business policy if you have an unsatisfied customer?
Crista:  States seldom does that happen.  However in the rare case that it does, the company will offer the money back. She also says she has noticed a trend in her customers which is the ones who pay more seem to be more satisfied and do their homework. The clients that nickel and dime you seem to be unsatisfied in general with more complaints.
Question #4
Tiffany: Best Dating Advice for long-term relationships.
Crista: Know what you want! Love is not some magical thing Crista says.  Know your dating compass.  Sorting out your dating compass which entails things you want and doesn’t want.  Qualities you are looking in a mate.  This is done through a series of questions to help the clients understand themselves better.  It is looking at past relationships that did not work and truly understanding and forgiving themselves or pass mates and moving forward.
Question #5
Tiffany: What makes your company different than other competitors.
Crista:  The biggest difference is getting these men or women out of a fantasy and into reality. These courses and coaching help clients to fully understand what they are doing that may be hindering there chances at love. The homework involves being present and the willingness to look at yourself, work on weaknesses and build them into strengths.
Crista Beck – Dating Expert & Coach
Office: + 1 (512) 686-6387
3005 S Lamar Blvd. Ste D109 #188
Austin, TX