Interview #3 – Scott Lopez Owner of

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Interview #3 Scott Lopez Owner of

Scott Lopez is the owner of a sales team that sell products to big box stores such as Best Buy, Samsung, HP,  Energizer and Ingram Micro.  Scott’s team takes on unusual products and brings them to the marketplace.  This veteran has served to fight for our country and with great strength serves to represent your product with fighting spirit.

Scott Lopez 


Question #1:

Tiffany:  How did you come up with your Business name?

Scott:  It is Lopez backward.  Scott states “just like Oprah”.


Question #2:

Tiffany: Advice for taking care of your biggest account?

Scott: Be responsive…  get back to them quickly.  To get back to the customer in 24 hours or less. Attention to details and the specific needs of the customers. No overpromising and own up to mistakes if they happened immediately.


Question #3: 

Tiffany: Advice for new business owners?

Scott:  Network with other successful business owners.



Tiffany:  What is your favorite charity?

Scott: Wounded Warrior project!  They help veterans.



Tiffany: How do you pick the perfect salespeople?

Scott:  I choose people that are fighters that will fight to the end.  They have to have great work ethic.  Sales are cutthroat and commission only. If they do not produce they do not make money.  However the more they sell the more they make.  It is a win /win.